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Aerial Imaging

  • Using state of the art Drones we capture unique views of properties. Get a birds eye view of any property. Insurance companies can use these videos to evaluate and assess property condition, storm damage or other information..


Wind Mitigation Inspection

  • R.J. Lipton Engineering has been conducting Wind Mitigation Inspections in Florida for over 10 years. The coastal areas of Florida are prone to hurricanes and high winds, which may cause extensive damage to land and personal property. A wind mitigation inspection can save a homeowner up to 65% off their insurance premium.

4 Point Inspection

  • A Four-Point Insurance inspection is typically performed to obtain or renew an insurance policy on structures older than 15 years. A Four-Point inspection is a limited, visual survey of the heating, air conditioning, roof, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Roof Condition Certification Inspection

  • Roof Condition Certification Inspections are often required by insurance companies on older homes to determine the remaining useful life of the roof covering. The Roof Condition Certification is a visual inspection of the roof components to determine the type of roof, useful remaining life, date of repair or replacement, and if there is any damage or leaks.

Mobile Home Tie-Down Inspection

  • Mobile Home Tie-Down Inspection by R.J. Lipton Engineering



Water Intrusion Inspection

  • Water Intrusion Inspections by R.J. Lipton Engineering

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Infrared Thermography

  • Infrared Thermography by R.J. Lipton Engineering

Insurance Adjusting

  • Insurance Adjusting by R.J. Lipton Engineering.

Real Estate

  • Real Estate Inspections by R.J. Lipton Engineering.


At R.J. Lipton Engineering we know that choosing the right inspection company is important to you. Our inspection team has completed over 10,000 inspections in Florida. We offer fast turnaround service to both the homeowner and insurance agent without compromising accuracy or attention to detail. Let us show you how we can become part of your team.

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